Meet Our Entrepreneurs

CafCao Ecoleña

From cacao plantations, coffee processing plants and coffee shops waste our company is committed to create a clean and efficient energy source. Our first product is a pellet made from coffee grounds collected from cafés and hotels, with a calorific value higher than standard timber pellets. Our pilot is located in the city of Villavicencio (Colombia). We will contribute to the reduction of the dependance on fossil fuels and timber, and by using the organic waste an important reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from on-site burning or landfill disposal will be achieved. Our future products will include pellets from cacao shells and coffee husk. Thereby we can establish a connection between agriculture and the energy sector promoting circular economy.

Nathalie Suárez(Internationalist)

Alejandra Pedraza(Biologist)

Lisa Heise(Geoecology)

Osprey Agrotech

Osprey AgroTech provides agricultural technical assistance with the introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, as a part of smart agriculture solutions driven by scientific knowledge and technological innovation. Our aim is to provide accurate field data with a multispectral analysis for farmers to make timely, informed decisions on their crops, lowering costs, saving intense use of agrochemicals, reducing crop losses, and maximizing yields and agrosystems knowledge. Overall, it is a contribution to prevent the continuous ecosystem depletion.

Erika Arias(Environmental Engineer)

Ernesto Steinvorth(Project Manager)

Felix Cawich(Agriculture Engineer)

Tsao Chang-Hong(Research and Monitoring / GIS Officer)

The Cafelier

The Cafelier is a Specialty Coffee educative platform that is looking to develop consulting services for integrated management of coffee farms in Boquete Panama.
We believe that coffee production can be done differently. We work with local farmers looking for developing their coffee plantations and process under sustainable principles. We are a consulting expert team delivering solutions for small and medium-size coffee farmers in terms of coffee plantation development, designed coffee systems, processes, and waste management.

Valentina Pedrotti(Sustainable Coffee Farm Design and Coffee Sales)

Hugo Moreno Freydig(Sustainable Urbanism and Architecture)

Carbono Local+: we act local, think global

We empower local communities in Latin America to work together to obtain an international carbon certification from conserving their ecosystems and create new income revenues from carbon credits, sustainable forestry management and local green businesses.
In addition, we offer consulting services for business opportunities in Latin America in the renewable energy sector, carbon markets and technology transfer.

Laura Cubillos(Environmental Services Manager)

Nataly Cubillos(Environmental Services Manager)

Ana Cabezas(Sustainable Supply Chain Manager)

SanyAgua Systems

SanyAgua Systems is a clean eco-friendly solution created to provide sanitary installations to households in remote areas, which have limited access to water resources. The system eliminates the use of latrines, using recycled and treated domestic greywater, generated during cleaning, washing, bathing activities.
The system reduces the water demand per household and improves the health and quality of lives of its users and the surrounding areas by ensuring sanitation and water treatment, instead of water running down the streets.

Irene Chow(Environmental Science and Engineering)

Escuela Taller Barrio Adentro

Urban “agrotecture” designs and builds spaces using plants in their different forms. 
The three working lines are, 1. productive urban agriculture (gardens, green roofs, green walls) 2. bioconstruction using structural bamboo as main material and 3. Prefabricated bamboo structures.  By spreading biophilic solutions we are contributing to urban food security, climate change adaptation, mitigation and “eco-drr” while providing social benefits for our team of young green builders.
By using bamboo, we are reducing the use of tropical woods and increasing multiple environmental services that our magical plant provides since has no environmental regrets if well managed.

Natalia Dulcey(Architect)

Ar Däzu Eco-Ranch & Camping

Ar Däzu (means “Opposum” in the local indigenous language Otomí) and is the name given to the Eco-Ranch & Camping side located in the Southern area of ​​the state of Querétaro, México. On the eco-friendly ranch we promote an intercultural, regenerative and educative tourism comprising of outdoor activities in nature (like camping, walking, hiking, exercising, etc.), capacity building and voluntary activities in areas like eco-tecnics, agroecological production, eco-social entrepreneurship, sustainable consumerism, ecological tourism, conservation of natural resources, biocultural diversity, personal development.

Claudia Rosina Bara(Academic Education, Teaching & Research)


Riverine is a green enterprise that promotes sustainable livelihood alternatives in line with the reforestation and use of riparian forest resources in Belize. The company offers a series of sustainably harvested honey and beekeeping products that contribute to the livelihoods of small farmers and their families living with in the New River and Rio Hondo Watersheds of northern Belize. The company promotes a unique balance between nature and man as the riparian forests are reforested and rehabilitated by beekeepers to serve as the primary foraging areas for the bees, the beekeepers in return can harvest 100% natural honey and the communities benefit from the pollination and environmental services provided by the riparian forest.

Silverio Marin(Agriculture Development and Environmental Consultant)