The Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Program for Environmental Sciences (PMPCA acronym in Spanish) partnered up with ITT and cewas Middle East to co-host this seminar. The PMPCA at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP) offers master’s and doctoral programs, and aims to train high quality human resources for the multidisciplinary study and solution of regional, national and international environmental problems. The PMPCA is linked administratively with the Environmental Agenda, and academically with the faculties of Chemical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Medicine.

The Environmental Agenda is the Environmental Commission of the UASLP and is structured in 4 main areas: 1) Institutional management, 2) Education and research, 3) Connectivity and projects, and 4) Communication. Each of the main areas contain elements that enhance the university’s environmental performance, promote a culture of sustainability, contribute to the generation of environmental knowledge, and help to create links within and outside the university.